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SEO copywriting is a way of writing that is both SEO-friendly and speaks to your audience in a way that attracts and converts them. It is NOT a means of simply plugging in keywords and walking away.

In fact, people often ask me about keyword density when it comes to my writing, and in reality, that metric hardly ever pops into my mind.

If you are truly sharing high-quality, accurate and informative content that answers a question your audience may have, it’s already on its way to being SEO-friendly. You then just need to do the research to confirm that those terms have the search traffic and competition level that you are after.

As I mentioned above, your brand message is an important component of SEO copywriting — as is often overlooked by copywriters and SEO experts alike. It plays a huge role in how you write, who you are writing for, the action you want them to take and more.


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